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Google Mobile-First Index - mobile friendly website

First of all, something is on the horizon for websites that make it important for them to be mobile-friendly. That something is… Google Mobile-First Index will be put into place. So this means that it will affect search engine results.

Because this will be happening soon, website owners need to educate themselves. They should learn about making their website ready for Google Mobile-First Index searching. Read on to find out more.

What is Google Mobile-First Index?

The basic explanation, it’s when you make your website mobile-friendly using responsive web design so that you can view on desktop, tablet or any mobile device without issues. Likewise, you ensure that your mobile web visitors have a pleasant and easy visit to your website.

Also, in an article on SearchEngineJournal.com, “Google’s Mobile-First Index: What It Is & How You Can Prepare“, these five topics were shared to help you prepare your website:

  • Read Through Google’s Webmaster Blog Post [find it here]
  • Go Responsive Yesterday
  • If Your Site Isn’t Responsive, Make Sure Your Primary Content Is on Your Mobile Site
  • Content That Exists Within Tabs & Accordion Menus No Longer Being Discounted
  • If You Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Site, What Is Happening?!?

Furthermore, please check out the blog post link above to learn more about Google’s Mobile-First Indexing.


Below are examples of responsive website designs or mobile-friendly design from this website. Because it is helpful to see examples sometimes, we want to make sure you understand what a website can look like.

Google Mobile-First Index - responsive web design


As a result of learning more about Google Mobile-First Index preparedness, let’s hope that you will have been given enough information to get started. Consequently, I have a short list of really good resources below that can further assist you.

So that we make sure you understand every, please feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.

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